Jumaat, 22 April 2011

Combi Wellflat Wide Stroller


Features :~

A light and fashionable baby stroller with all the functions a mother could need!

~Wide and spacious design
~Preloved in Excellent Condition
~Two way positioning
~You can either have your child face you or away from you
~Lightweight structure
~Big sun shades
~Keeps your baby cool and protected from the elements
~170° Full reclining seat
~Allows a completely horizontal optimum sleeping posture
~Dry and comfortable
~Uses moisture abosorbing and fast drying material for maximum comfort

~ Details visit

and www.taising.com/images/Combi_JT500.jpg

RM 320, Free Postage, SOLD 2 Mrs. Junainah, Trgn, Tq

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