Ahad, 17 April 2011

EVENFLO Odyssey V Car Seat - Velvet


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~Preloved in Excellent Condition
~Built-in pillows in back and sides of headrest,
~built-in lumbar, hip, and seat padding, and padded harness straps and buckle guard for  increased comfort.
~The 5-point harness with one-step adjustment is easy to use.
~New 3-position, up-front, one hand recline for ease of use and comfort for child.
~New 2-piece chest clip.
~Seat-Guard base protects vehicle interiors.
~Exclusive Belt Trac system for easy installation.
~Removable, washable cloth pad.
~Rear Facing 5-30 lbs., Forward Facing 20-40 lbs.
RM 180, Sold 2 Mrs. Molly, Free postage, PJ, Tq

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