Rabu, 27 Julai 2011

RECARO TOddler Car Seat


Features :~

~RECARO SIP: improved safety thanks to this innovative Side Impact Protection system. The extra large side protection shell provides additional peace-of-mind for side impact collisions or support when cornering
~TOP TETHER: secure the seat with the top tether at the car’s tether attachment anchor
~RECARO SOUND SYSTEM: sound speakers are integrated in the headrest for an individual audio program
~EXPANDABLE: multi-level adjustable headrest, backrest height, shoulder width and seat cushion length to provide an ergonomic sitting position as your child grows
~BELT GUIDE: can be set and varied so the belts glide perfectly
~SAFETY PLUS: energy absorbing polyurethane foam in sensitive head and shoulder area
~ERGONOMIC SHAPE: for healthy growth
~FIRST CLASS SEATING: open seat construction and comfortable cushioning avoids pressure points
~ALUMINUM FRAME CONSTRUCTION: bends on impact, helps absorbing energy in case of an accident
~SEATING COMFORT: integrated armrests
~FOLDABLE BACKREST AND CARRYING HANDLE: for easy transportation or storage
~SLEEPING POSITION: a tilt adjustment changes the seat into its sleeping position
~SPECIAL SHAPE: an anti-submarining ramp helps to prevents the child slipping under the safety belt in case of an accident
~HIGH-QUALITY UPHOLSTERY: innovative and easy-to-clean Microfibres® in stylish colors.
All covers are removable and machine washable at home
~EASY INSTALLATION: simply secure the seat with the car’s own 3-point seat belt
~INCREASED SAFETY: highly visible red markings show the belt routing locations and help you guide the seat belts into the right position

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RM 320, SOLD 2 En. Mohd, Tq

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