Ahad, 17 Oktober 2010

Maxi Cosi Citi Carrier


Features :

~Preloved in Excellent Condition
~The seat can be used from birth till about 13kg.
~It fits easily and well into the front or back of the car.
~Once strapped in, it is tight and feels very safe.
~Baby sits very comfortably in it.
~3 in 1 Funchion (rocker, car seat, carrier)

RM 160, Included Postage, SOLD 2 Mrs.Yati, KL, Tq

1 ulasan:

ciare (^_^)v berkata...

cantek la.nampak mcm brand new je.anyway i mmg tgh nak cari used car seat/carier yg branded mcm ni.walopon used tp still tahan kan?

i wanna show this to my husband lah :)