Isnin, 12 Julai 2010

Fisher Price Kick & Learn Piano


Features :~

~Preloved In Excellent Condition (LIKE NEW)
~Comes with BOX
~This is a soft, fabric covered baby paino that mom can attach to baby's crib rails, or lay flat on the floor.
~When baby kicks or hits the piano keys, the piano lights up and plays music and/or sounds. ~This is a delightful toy that will encourage baby to kick, reach, and hit the keys for a musical, lighted reward.
~The piano can be adjusted for three different skill levels, so that it grows with baby.
~The first level plays a melody of 10 songs continuously as lights dance and winkle for baby. ~The second level makes song, animals, and musical instrument sounds as the lights twinkle ~The third level allows the piano to be used as a real piano that plays notes when keys are hit

RM 100, Included Postage, SOLD 2 Mrs. Zuriati, Tq

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