Selasa, 4 Mei 2010

Bumbo Seat With Tray


Features :~

a)Versatile :~
~On the Beach or Park
~Perfect for Feeding
~Visiting Friends, Family
~Attending to more than one child or twins

b)Innovative :~
~No Straps or Fasteners
~Comfortable & Soft
~Unique new design in baby care products
~Medically Approved

~Suggested Age (6 weeks to 14 months)
~Use on any level Surface
~Lightweight Portable
~Durable (easy maintenance)
~Soft &Comfortable

~Hands free baby care
~Family Bonding
~Eye level Feeding

RM 170, Included Postage, SOLD 2 Mrs. Rima, Bangi, Tq

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