Jumaat, 2 April 2010

Combi Calpico Stroller



- Preloved in good Condition
~Full reclining seat design

~Reversible handle design
~Convenient opening of front guard
~Large canopy design
~Wide and comfortable seat space for baby
~Front swivel wheel available
~Detachable and washable seat cushion
~One-touch belt buckle and ultra-safe seat belt
~Impact absorbable structure by design of frame and soft suspension
~Drag to move easily
~One touch folding / opening
~Recommended Age : from birth Onwards
~Main body weight : 5.6kgs

RM 150, Included Postage, Sold 2 Mrs. Ieja, JB, Tq

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cidah berkata...

ada lagi tak stroller ni? kalu ada sy nak beli....